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Latest Reviews
  • darkharvest - 22-01-2019 2:40:03 am
    US Series s2 e1 vidlox.me/qrux0k7j90v6
  • Myrtw2 - 20-01-2019 11:56:33 pm
    8 /10
    Didn't know what to Expect with this but I surprisingly enjoyed it. I can only judge based off of the first episode but so far so good. Mark Paul G. is such a great actor and definitely underrated. The chemistry with him and the girl is so great, as well as the other cast members. Very interesting and different than some of the shows that have been out. Fox is known for cancelling the best shows, so I hope this one sticks.
  • amjw39 - 20-01-2019 8:11:06 pm
    10 /10
    highly recommend.
  • jamiejosiris - 20-01-2019 11:47:03 am
    9 /10
    I did watch the pilot w/the thought that I wasn't actually going to like it from the get-go ~ however there's something about this for me that I actually like, & w/what the plot is, it's actually quite interesting & is exactly what I think humans would be like given an actual alien contact. You get the open-mindedness of some, the dislike & fear of others, the absolute disgust of some - whether it be the public or military & w/regards to the military/government, pretty much spot on to what I'd t
  • darkharvest - 20-01-2019 12:16:06 am
    s13 e1 www.speedvid.net/nk8f2ieiqvwn
  • syncronized - 19-01-2019 7:11:11 pm
    10 /10
    Definitely the best..The ending also the best of the best..
  • Acadia2018 - 18-01-2019 1:22:49 pm
    Love this show But I have a big question as for the sister site I've been trying to register on the other site for nearly a year now and it never works for me never get any email either what am i doing wrong I would like to be able to log in and save my shows please help !!!!!
  • darkharvest - 18-01-2019 5:08:45 am
    s2 e5 vidlox.me/h75l07dkah9q
  • B4D4SS - 18-01-2019 12:53:03 am
    8 /10
    Nice and dark just like Daredevil season 1
  • B4D4SS - 18-01-2019 12:47:41 am
    5 /10
  • seanpna - 16-01-2019 7:43:51 am
    10 /10
    Fantastic Show. Hope they'll make a second season.
  • Patrus213 - 16-01-2019 2:21:01 am
    10 /10
    This series is absolute gold !
  • Fujee - 15-01-2019 9:42:46 pm
    10 /10
    Could I get a link to the sister site, I can't find it anywhere?
  • polferis - 15-01-2019 6:06:58 pm
    10 /10
    Lately, many new series have been added to the site, so it's better now. The problems with the links which has been deleted it is a problem on all websites whose link system keeps up, or most of them.
  • polferis - 15-01-2019 5:54:56 pm
    10 /10
    For the moment and is valid for everyone, enjoy what the site is offering you right now. :)
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